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CRD10 Triumph Bonneville “Night Track”

And with CRD10 Cafe Racer we made the great leap: the first European order. A project that comes from Belgium to restore an original Triumph Bonneville, leaving it in our hands and giving us complete freedom to do what we like and what we do best.

So we have a very clear idea of what we want to do: a very sporty front with a ‘Flat Track’ style nose, with a very small front headlight that is almost engulfed by the fork, the seat is reduced even more than in CRD8 giving it a more compact look, the craft exhaust is placed higher, which makes this bike unique and a pioneer in this model.

This was also the first time that we used K&N open air filters. The battery pack, as well as all the electric disappear completely from the view, the ignition key is inserted in the subchassis with car boot style (clausor), subchassis was cut and redrawn by Cafe Racer Dreams. A success and a great achievement for Cafe Racer Dreams because with this motorcycle Europe opened its doors to us.

Follow this link if you would like to watch the manufacture process of this bike.

Here you can read the article that Bike Exif magazine wrote about CRD10 Cafe Racer.

If you are interested in making a motorcycle like this you can contact us by filling out the following form.


  • Base Model > Triumph Bonneville
  • Year > 2007
  • Construction > Cafe Racer Dreams
  • Time > 3 months
  • Manufacturer > Triumph
  • Type > Bicylindric
  • Capacity > 865cc
  • Carburetors > Original
  • Air Filter > K&N
  • Exhaust > Cafe Racer Dreams + Supertrapp
  • Chassis > Triumph
  • Suspension > Original
  • Type > Multitubular
  • Fork > Original 41mm
  • Headlight > CRD
  • Handlebar > Renthal Ultra Low
  • Starter > Clausor
  • Speedometer > CRD
  • Handgrips > Amal
  • Front Tyre > Firestone Deluxe Champion 4,00 X 19”
  • Gas Tank > Original
  • Seat > Cafe Racer Dreams
  • Back Tyre > Firestone Deluxe Champion 4,50 X 18”
  • Paint Design > CRD