We enjoy every bike we build. In addition, each project has a different energy and creates different sensations from the previous ones.

As you may remember, #CRD118 is a tribute to the bike with which Steve McQueen made his famous jump in The Great Evasion. A film full of great moments like the ones we lived the day we recorded the report, capturing with the cameras the true essence of this bike in every curve of the route.

This time there were no jumps, but this BMW R100 RT made the whole team enjoy as it ploughed a mountain road at the hands of Sergio Romero.

The tuning of the engine, the suspension and the choice of the latest generation components make it a jewel. But, despite the cinematographic wink of its aesthetics, its behavior on the road has little to do with that of the original 1982 bike, which will allow us to enjoy it on a daily basis.