CRD102 has been more than just a project, besides being a real logistical challenge. Kirill, the soon to be owner, lived in one the farthest places from us in Rusia, Vladivostok, a city located about 10,000 kilometers from our workshop.

Kirill loves motorcycles by heart and his determination to get a CRD was unpredecented, from the moment he placed the order our team was determined to bringing the full potential out of this BMW R100.

Sending our bikes so far away is always an exercise in self-control and patience, both for the customer and for us.

Kirill is a professional fighter and is one of those people who know what he wants at all times. The bike had to look great, with Continental studded wheels, brown leather on the seat and a tank with exquisite metallic paint.

Our team worked hard to create another of our works of art, keeping the classic look but using the latest technology.



After the project was completed, the most delicate part remained, the shipping. We took the necessary steps to make the metal structure of the box, in which our bike would travel to Vladivostok, and finally it was locked with some wooden plates, leaving it ready for the trip.

After a few days of uncertainty, the bike arrived safely. Its new owner congratulated us for the work and sent us several videos with his new CRD.

We are very proud to have made Kirill’s dream come true, CRD102.