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CRD7 Ossa Copa 250 “Grand Prix”

And with CRD7  Cafe Racer we made the leap, from Madrid to heaven. Our first order from outside the capital, from Barcelona. And also the first Spanish brand motorcycle, an Ossa Copa 250 no less!!

Pere wanted to restore it completely and customize it in the purest Cafe Racer sport style, hence its name: ‘Grand Prix’.

For this project, we did not want to be short in terms of quality: Mikuni carburetor 38, we made a craft exhaust for the first time, the shape of the tank was a replica of a motorcycle racing, the color winked at this mythical house Spanish motorcycle and the rear end is in the style of classic Yamahas. The shocks were custom made also for the first time. We used Motogadget electrical system. It also has the battery under the rear end, the contact key inserted in the subframe, and a simplified electrical system.

The main idea was to make this ’79 bike new and the focus was on quality rather than prize. Pere put all his trust in us and the result was so good that it made him repeat with CRD49, becoming one of the best customers and friends of Cafe Racer Dreams.

A Cafe Racer ‘to the Spanish’ with subtle touches never seen before.

Follow this link if you would like to watch the manufacture process of this bike.

Bike Exif wrote this article about CRD7 Cafe Racer.

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  • Base Model > Ossa Copa 250
  • Year > 1979
  • Construction > Cafe Racer Dreams
  • Time > 3 months
  • Manufacturer > Ossa
  • Type > Monocylindric
  • Capacity > 250cc
  • Carburetors > Mikuni 38
  • Air Filter > Sponge Competition filter
  • Exhaust > Handmade
  • Chassis > Ossa
  • Suspension > Ossa
  • Type > Multitubular
  • Fork > Betor with Ossa kit
  • Headlight > CRD
  • Handlebar > Ossa
  • Starter > Clausor
  • Handgrips > Amal
  • Front Tyre > Brigestone Battlax 110/80 18
  • Gas Tank > Racing Style
  • Seat > Cafe Racer Dreams
  • Back Tyre > Brigestone Battlax 90/90 18
  • Paint Design > CRD