CRD22 BMW R100

CRD22 BMW R100
CRD22 BMW R100
CRD22 BMW R100
CRD22 BMW R100
CRD22 BMW R100

When Pepe came to see us to order a BMW R100, he came really well dressed, impeccable, a gentleman. Instead, he surprised us by asking us for a bike that was very naughty, the CRD22 Cafe Racer.

Weighing the options, in the end we had the idea that the best thing for Pepe would be an impeccable bike like him but with a point destroyer.

We completely rebuilt the BMW engine and improved the brakes as well as the suspension. As we had to do all these things on the bike, we put Nitro Hagon shock absorbers, work on the cylinder head, 44mm intake valves, 40mm exhaust, new springs, light valve adjustment screws, better fit, lightweight cup cups, Sport Sachs complete clutch, ignition: Crankshaft tip, digital, 16 curves
Front fork 41 mm and change to spoke wheels.

As for the aesthetic side, it could only be painted in one way: with the pantone of green that always accompanies Pepe, his company, his designs, his works … The rest? In unpolluted black color and with worn effect that gives that macarra style that the customer demanded.

You can watch more pictures of CRD22 Cafe Racer by clicking on this link.

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  • Base Model > BMW R100
  • Year > 1983
  • Construction > CRD
  • Time > 12 weeks
  • Carburetors > Bing
  • Air Filter > K&N
  • Exhaust > Megaton
  • Suspension > Hagon
  • Fork > Original
  • Headlight > CRD
  • Handlebar > Tommaselli classic
  • Buttons > Enduro style
  • Speedometer > Motogadget motoscope tiny
  • Handgrips > CRD
  • Front Brake > Original
  • Gas Tank > Original
  • Subframe > CRD two-seater
  • Seat > Leather
  • Tyres > Coker diamond
  • Mudguards, License Plate Bracket, Light > CRD
  • Paint Design > CRD