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CRD113 BMW R80

The engine is still in the same place, but the current custom Cafe Racer Dreams BMWs are a long way since the brands beginnings. For the lovers of custom, improvements in mechanics and aesthetics are evident.

Our new CRD113 is more powerful, reliable, stunning and safer than those who came before.

Riding a CRD is an experience in itself. There are many words that describe the feeling, but with this one, “freedom” is definitely the most fitting. Riding an old-fashioned R80 that looks as pristine and as elegant as this blacked out CRD113 is much more than just a highly satisfying ride. It’s an experience of its own. When you ride CRD113, you become empowered. You become a part of the CRD lifestyle and movement. Its hard to explain, but easy to show. Just get on the bike!

With this 1983 built, we set out to recondition a predictable donor bike into a CRD that you just can’t get your eyes off. Beautiful design with plenty of power. The BMW R80 tank gleaming and polished in black contrasts with the beige ceramic logo and frame. This gives the bike a more elegant, cafe racer style look. A highlight about this built is the starter, placed with a button on the centre of the bike, right below the Renthal Ultra Low handlebar.

As with most of our more modern bikes, a complete counterpart of Motogadget elements have been placed. We allocated a custom CRD cow hide seat in black leather with diamond stitching, resembling our emblematic CRD102. For this one, we engineered our most representative custom CRD subframe slightly wider to extent the bikes look and feel. This was purposely set to match the clients long arms to the size of the built for a more comfortable ride.

We stripped off the non-essentials at our workshop, and hid the battery box, for a more remarkable style. Likewise, with the powder-coated, fully blacked out engine, subframe, and handlebars. The MX TKC80 front and rear tires contrast with the classic body of the bike. This perfectly balanced 800cc has not been built to ride unrecognized.

If you like Cafe Racer Dreams bikes and want to know more about them, you can contact us using this form.

Base Model > BMW R80
Year >
Construction >
Cafe Racer Dreams
Time >
8 weeks
Manufacturer >
Type >
Boxer Bicylindric
Capacity >
800 cc
Carburetors >
Air Filter >
Original BMW
Exhaust >
Chassis >
Suspension >
Type >
Fork >
Original modified
Headlight >
Clubman LSL
Handlebar > 
Renthal Ultra Low
Starter >
Speedometer >
Motogadget Tiny
Handgrips > 
Front Tyre >
TKC 80
Gas Tank >
BMW Original
Seat >
Cafe Racer Dreams
Back Tyre >
TKC 80
Paint Design >