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A Range Rover Classic with history

Every car has a story behind it, but this 1994 Range Rover Classic is pure history.

Its owner was a a renowned orthopedist from Girona, who used it to move around the vicinity of his second home, only during the weekends and holidays. Afterwards it was briefly owned by a huge fan of the model, who decided to sell it after a short time because he rarely used it.

This is how it finally fell into the hands of the nephew of a famous Barcelona player from the 60s, who lives in Santander, and who entrusted its restoration to CRD.

“Pioneer of the luxury SUV, this Range Rover combines the comfort of a saloon with the off-road capacity, allowing many possibilities for both daily life and for leisure and travel”.

When we heard his proposal, something prevented us from restoring it completely. We wanted it to keep that vintage look that made it such a special vehicle, and that’s why the engine and gearbox, which were in perfect condition, were left untouched. Nor the upholstery, which is original.

To make the result even more spectacular we changed the transfer, clutch kit and steering box, in addition to deep cleaning the interior, paint it completely and install a new radio and a rear view camera.

The weak point of this model is that its rear door is made of iron and thus it rusts easily. A matter that has also been solved with the installation of a new aluminum window / rear door, brought from England.

Contact us here if you want more information about this car.


    • Brand> Land Rover
    • Model > Range Rover
    • Generation > Classic 1994
    • Engine > 2.5 TDI Turbo Intercooler
    • Type > 4WD
    • Number of seats > 5
    • Lenght > 4479 mm
    • Width> 1486 mm
    • Height > 1792 mm.
    • Engine Position > Front
    • Per max > 265 N (31,6mkg) at 1800
    • Cylinder Construction > In line
    • Number of cylinders > 2
    • Number of valves per cylinder> 2
    • Fuel > Diesel
    • Traction > 4 WD
    • Gear > Manual
    • Front Suspension > Original
    • Back Suspension > Original
    • Front Brakes> Disks
    • Rear Brakes > Disks
    • ABS > No
    • Direction, type > Assisted
    • Exhaust > Original
    • Tyres > Michelin Alpine
    • Rims > Original
    • Headlights > Original
    • Steering Wheel > Original
    • Dashboard > Original