CRD#1 – Porsche 911

CRD Car1 Porsche 911
CRD#1 – Porsche 911

Perhaps many of you don’t know it but Cafe Racer Dreams not just about bikes and much less of a unique style of bikes, as we told you here. In CRD we are passionate about bikes in general and some cars in particular. It is this passion where the hashtag we started using in our social networks emerged and has since become popular worldwide: #WeLoveSomeCars.

Yes, there are several of us who love cars, but if we stay with a particular house, perhaps the choice is Porsche. For many reasons like their style, elegance, philosophy, sentimental feeling… but primarily for its origins. How it is created the first Porsche is almost the same way the first motorcycle emerged CRD, relatively speaking, of course. That’s why the 911 is our fetish car and more since he became the first CRDcar.

Since about a year ago we commissioned the restoration of this beauty, our thinking and vision took new paths, applying to cars our experience and wisdom with which we motorbikes.
It would not simply restore to origin. We want to go a step further and fulfill expectations of dreamers and romantics strictly limiting ourselves to the classical canons mark and pleasing those who seek comfort and safety features and today’s cars.

So in our new challenge of uniting unique cars (as has become trademark) aesthetics, classicism and innovation, we are once again pioneers in our country.

This first CRDcar, a Porsche 911 (964) of the year 1991, backdate + turbo look but with features such as ABS, GPS, rear parking camera and more, has made before and after our experience in the automotive world, but certainly it is going to assume the first of many more cars. Because in the end, the truth is that we love some cars…