The garage is full of energy and drive at the moment. The team is happy to be able to see our clients dreams come true once again. CRD105 and CRD106 are seeing its final touches before shipment to their respective countries.

Although the choice of color for CRD105 was risky and one of a kind, the positive feedback received from the client and our followers has made it all worth it. The bike has been turned on and tested, and its as smooth as we imagined.

Our in-house designer is currently a step ahead working alongside our team to create a render for  CRD107. This bike has been commissioned by Qatari national, Mohamed Abuissa. Mo represents his country in the Rally World Cup and Dakar Rally, and is also a local entrepreneur. At just 24 years old, this Redbull sponsored petrolheads career consists of a unique mix of extreme sports and everything limited.

Mohamed fell in love with CRD102 back in February and has been chasing the CRD team to re-built it once again. He has asked for a complete original replica of the bike. That is, its silver-platted tank, Motogadget m-Unit, the rare and elegant brown leather cow hide seat matching its handles and the finest execution from our mechanics.

After purchasing the donor bike yesterday, the cherry red BMW R100 from 1983 has arrived home today. Its condition is exceptional for a bike of that age as it had been used a lot by its last owner.

Cafe Racer Dreams works on BMW R-series for many reasons. One being that BMW are the most sold motorcycles around the world, so there are plenty of them. Although it is becoming harder to find an a R100, it is easier than other brands. The R-series are proven to be incredibly reliable. It has a shaft rive, hence maintenance is low. Perhaps the most characteristic feature lays on its prodigious sound.

We are excited to see CRD102 back at our garage, especially seeing Mo ride the bike in-between the Qatari desert.