September marks a new month for the Cafe Racer Dreams garage. The team is now building two new cafe racer motorcycles which will soon be known as CRD105 and CRD106.

Both bikes were commissioned by Joseph Vonsung, a well-known architecture and interior designer based in London and Hong Kong who has extremely good taste for everything-design. Joseph has been a long-time follower of Cafe Racer Dreams and happens to be friends with our head of Social Media, Carolina. All of that mixed with our urge to restart the garage, had both bikes in process to complete yet another dream.

CRD105 is Josephs personal bike, and will be shipped to London in the next 3-4 weeks. The consensus for this cafe racer was to check design to its last detail. Additionally, Vonsung requested we created a new version of CRD102 with a mint green tank, and phantom black rims, seat, handle bars, and more. Joseph’s attention to detail had the design team making changes on the daily. It has been a mission to illustrate this bike due to the specifics on tank color, but our vision has now matched his dream. The donor bike we bought for this specific built is a BMW R100RT from 1981 in great condition.

CRD106 is Brian’s, Joseph’s longtime friend whom is based in Hong Kong. Brian’s wishlist was to combine one of our most legendary bikes CRD76 with the iconic CRD102. The cafe racer will be higher than the CRD76, with knee and upper pads, and the same tank and wheel size as CRD102. Brian’s original idea was to have a cherry red tank with a black frame, something our team didn’t believe would look appealing. He changed his mind mid way through painting the tank and went for a brushed grey primer, giving it that factory look. As for the donor bike it is a BMW R100RT from 1981. This will be our first cafe racer flying to HK, let alone Asia. We are happy to be crossing continents and can’t wait to see what the future holds for CRD in Asia.

We are now halfway through the builds and the team can’t be more eager to finish these two in the next two weeks. Scroll down for more photos on details of the process. Stay tuned for updates!