As we push the boundaries and the evolution of the cafe racer scene, we aim to expand our brand into other realms, aiming to leave a bigger mark and heritage for years to come.



As with motorcycles, first comes safety, hence the thought of having our own custom Cafe Racer Dreams helmet was always a plan of ours. We have our eye set on collaborating with brands that reflect our same passion, and quality. Those well-positioned in the scene, to keep our brands identity intact, creating a bigger impact for both teams.



This is why we approached the all-new brand of modular motorcycle helmets, Veldt. Veldts Helmets success comes from their online configurator. Clients can custom their helmets online, as occurs with Cafe Racer Dreams. Both brands are fully submerged on the importance of artisan and custom works. Our 1 of 1, or 1 of 3 motorcycles, resonates with Veldts 1 of 50 exclusive collections.



We had approached each other in the past with project ideas, yet it wasn’t until now that we came up with the perfect excuse to create the most comfortable, safe, and simple full-face helmet. Veldts Helmets Builder Edition selected four of the best custom motorcycle and car workshops in the world to collaborate in distinct helmets that resemble their garage. CRD is the fourth (leave the best to the last right?!)



In all seriousness though, we are very proud and excited to announce this launch. Through this full face helmet which features a diamond-inspired green to black gradient, we aimed to reflect our signature CRD elegance. The gradient is a reflection of our saddle stitches on all of our motorcycles. On the back of the helmet, we have placed our original CRD logo. The helmets interiors are made from luxurious sintra lamb leather whilst a cool black calf leather serves as the trim of the helmet. As with all Veldt helmets, this is carbon fibre, to ensure the best in protection whilst on the road.



When you purchase this beauty, you will receive a clear short visor that is removable and easy attached and detached from the helmet. Thanks to team Veldt for the easy communication, and for being able to create something that represents CRD as a brand and its evolution. There will only be 50 custom helmets made and sold, so get your hands on one as soon as you can! Stay safe and see you on the road.