Last week was special. We drove CRD74 and CRD109 to Las Bardenas Reales, a Spanish desert that resembles Arizona. As strange as this sounds, Naming Las Bardenas the Spanish Arizona sells the location short as the place is seriously breathtaking. The area is covered with small bushes and lined with beautiful light brown rockformations.

We packed appropriately as it can get very cold and windy during winter times. We had previously shot in this location so we knew we were off for a great adventure.

Biel Juste and Joan Margaritt two of the top current Spanish influencers and cafe racer aficionados had been in contact with us for the past months in order to plan a campaign for TwoJeys, their jewelry brand.

Like Cafe Racer Dreams; TwoJeys is all about quality production, riding classics and living freely.

They wanted to include our beautiful works of art in their campaign, shot by immersive videographer Alex Boisset. Their work ethic and passion for what they do made them pick CRD as their bikes of choice. Having followed us for a while, they knew CRD would bring that final wow factor to their short film.

Both young entrepeneurs understand that CRD is a cauldron where cars, culture, style and motorcycle engineering coexist and interact in the most unique ways, and they wanted to submerge themselves and their thousands of followers in our world. Their lifestyle resembles ours, and we knew we would both gain so much from this partnership.

Mostly what people notice about Cafe Racer Dreams are really nice Porsche cars and motorcycles, but these guys understood that nickel detailing behind our craft. Perhaps it was that attention to detail that made collaborating with each other feel more fun than work.