On February 8, the Café Racer Dreams workshop located in Madrid suffered a robbery that has shocked the world of motor enthusiasts. The thieves, qualified professionals, came at night and took 8 newly customized bikes that were about to leave to their rightful owners inside and outside of Spain.  Most of them are BMW, three BMW R100 and one R65. They also took one Triumph Bonneville, a Bimota and finally a Honda 125 competition motorcycle.

In addition to these stolen CRD, the thieves stole a classic Porsche 356. The police investigation is currently open. The costs of the theft have been estimated at: € 300,000

These Café Racer Dreams bikes are priced at approximately € 25,000 each and are part of an exquisite restoration and personalization work that involves an effort of more than 200 hours by specialized mechanics. This work has earned the international respect to this Spanish brand which was created in 2010 and currently  has almost 1 million followers on social networks.

A hashtag has been created with which it is expected to turn it viral in order to recover the motorcycles and the Porche: #StolenCRD

These are bikes that were built uniquely and on the way to clients, so they are easy to identify. Please share our posts in Facebook and Twitter to help us spread the word.

Cafe Racer Dreams is committed to getting them back and finding the people behind this. Thank you so much in advance from the whole team.


BMW R100 CRD#105

CRD105: Frame Number: 6392392 / License Plate: CA-4374-N BMW R100 RS


BMW R100 CRD#104

CRD104: Frame Number: 3994663 / License Plate: SE-7636-AB MODELO BMW R100 RS


BMW R45 CRD#99

CRD99: Frame Number: 6310248 / License Plate: CO-7542-J BMR R65


BMW R100 CRD#103

CRD103: Frame Number: 6050903 / License Plate: B-7543-DS MODELO R100 T


BMW R100 CRD#94

CRD94: Frame Number: 6230965 / License Plate: M-0024-EP MODELO BMW R 100RT



CRD80: License Plate: 1735 / CXR TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE


BIMOTA: Frame Number: BIMOTA 00219
License Plate: M-7584-EZ

HONDA 125: Frame Number: 9810365 MODELO HONDA RS125GP

PORSCHE 356: H 2832BBC