Cafe Racer Dreams has built more than 124 motorcycles, throughout this time we have built different styles of motorcycles, where quality and safety are palpable in each one of them.

It would be difficult to find our level of exigency and quality in the materials in any other workshop. We apply quality controls in three different phases of the production process: during the purchase of the base bike, before the assembly of the parts, and in the final test.

Our workshop, which is led by the chief mechanic who has been present since the origin of CRD, has experts in quality control and has processes that elevate the finish of the bikes. And we only work with top-quality suppliers who provide us with the latest generation of approved parts and accessories.

Our safety and quality are more than proven by professionals and we have a one-year warranty on each of our bikes. Contact us if you are looking for a motorcycle that combines style, technology, and safety.