At Cafe Racer Dreams we like to surround ourselves with special and talented people. That’s why today we remember the exclusive series of surfboards that we made back in 2016 in collaboration with the famous Californian shaper Ryan Lovelace.

Ryan is the world’s largest producer of entirely handmade surfboards. He started building his own surfboards at the age of 19 because he didn’t have the money to buy one. As time passed he realized that his creations were well received by the California surfer community, he decided to turn this hobby into his way of life. Today, his boards are used to surf the best waves on the planet, from Hawaii to Bali and, of course, Spain.

Ryan was with us for 2 weeks and took the opportunity to see our facilities in Madrid, as he is a great fan of classic motorcycles, after visiting the workshop he went with the bulk of the CRD team, to one of the meccas of surfing in Spain, Santander.

Once there Ryan Lovelace took the opportunity to show us his magic and shaped a limited series of 15 boards for Cafe Racer Dreams. He made some of his most iconic models, such as V-bowls, Soopersnake or Sb Stub, all produced in the Goldbeach workshop. The boards are painted using tinted resin and are also gloss-polished, which gives them a perfect finish.

Ryan proved to be an outstanding all around guy and the CRD team had a great time both with him and his girlfriend, now wife, Katie.

You’re still in time to get some of the boards that Ryan shaped when he was here with us. Here’s the list of surfboards that are still available:

Ryan lovelace-cafe racer dreams

V-Bowls 6’10”                                                                          V-Bowls 7’0”   

Ryan lovelace-cafe racer dreams

V-Bowls 7’2”                                                                                Sb-Stub 6’7”

Ryan lovelace-cafe racer dreams

Soopersnake 5’6”                                                                                Sb-Stub 6’10”