Panci Calvo, the senior photographer of Cafe Racer Dreams, came to our headquarters in Madrid to photograph CRD109 and CRD113. We love to work with people who admire and value your work and thus we love working with Panci. He always brings out the full potential of our creations, even more so because of his spatial views and compositions.

On this occasion, Panci came to our headquarters to photograph CRD109 as well as CRD113.

CRD109 is a BMW R90/6 painted in light green, with a classic look thanks to its tires and spoked wheels. It’s a fantastic bike that makes you the center of attention wherever you go. Panci has managed to capture its essence with this set of excellent snapshots.

CRD113 is the last bike to come out of our workshop, a BMW R80 that has become one of our all time favourite bikes. Its black color along with its scrambler tires and the single-seater seat give it a presence and appearance that leaves no one indifferent. We absoultely love what Panci has done with and help but stare and the impressive set of pictures that Panci has taken of it.

The documentary work of Panci Calvo (Asturias, 1975) can be traced in private collections such as those of Alex Witt or Oxy Capital. He has also signed in headlines such as The New York Times, Squire, Yorokobu or El País when documenting Truck Art Project. Panci has a bachelor degree in Psychology and Communication, and has also developed an important career as a designer and art director in parallel with other artistic projects such as the installation “Carbayón (memogram)”.