Our first bike since the opening of the new Cafe Racer Dreams Headquarters could only be be as groundbreaking and dear to our hearts as CRD109 is.

Jesus, also known as ¨Chus¨ is a good friend of Jaime Colsa (CEO). Suchlike Jesus and Jaime, most of our team is originally from Santander, so having one of our bikes tracing the edges of our homes seaside curvy roads, definitely left us on a high key. The bike passed down from his uncle to him and he’d been using it to go for weekend rides for a few ¨tapas¨ and ¨aperitivos¨on the surrounding towns.



Chus had contacted us numerous times about turning his BMW R90 born in  1976 into Cafe Racer Dreams Magic. His guidelines? ¨Just turn it into one of your beauties¨. He’d been following us on Instagram and was keen on putting a CRD number on his bike.

We had his black donor cafe racer in great state sitting on the backdrop of our garage for a few weeks before we began its works.

Chus is really into the start of BMW (the esthetic of the old cafe racers) so keeping that raw style was a must. CRD had been moving forward on design aesthetics for the past few years, yet this one was a visit to the past in terms of looks. Keeping the presence of the old, getting inspiration from our CRD38, and going for a bespoke color that made us think of Santanders fully green covered hills…


cafe racer-cafe racer dreams-crd109-BMW-R90


Both fenders are stock BMW items – The engine has been kept at its original color. The rear mudguard as well as its suspension has been lifted a little higher, making the bike taller and smoother in its ride. Unique fender braces add to the bike’s overall characteristic and vintage appeal, as do the classic CRD crash bars and Firestone Deluxe Champion tyres. The electrics are all Motogadget M- unit, keeping high quality in its mechanics.


cafe racer-cafe racer dreams-crd109-BMW-R90


Working on a classic bike from ´76 and aiming to keep its heritage with our present knowledge on-site, was definitely fun and exciting. We couldn’t be happier of the outcome!

cafe racer-cafe racer dreams-crd109-BMW-R90