Over the last few months we have been working towards turning Cafe Racer Dreams from a workshop to a lifestyle brand. Our team understood that we couldnt build 419,000 motorcycles due to infraestructure, demand, and lack of time. We thought about ideas that could get our followers to become part of our family and knew that we needed to do apparel and other similar products.

We set up a few meetings with already-established brands based in Madrid, Spain (our hometown) and came across Humble. Humble is a start up fashion brand founded by a group of young guys in their 20s with the single ideology that we are all equal and our desire to live and our surroundings is our common ground. Humble maintains that we all have an idea of the type of person we want to be. No matter what is put in front of you, take it head on. If you fail, learn from the experience and keep going forward. If you succeed, be graceful and appreciative. This reminded us of how we begun, back in our small workshop, dreaming of building the best cafe racers in the world, with just a little over 1000 followers. Our brand has grown but our mindset hasnt. We still build two bikes at a time with a single mechanic. Our dreams are bigger now, but our attitude remains humble.


Cafe Racer Dreams-Camisetas-Humble- CRD Humble - Humble CRD


Humble CRD is a t-shirt collaboration between two complementary brands. As with our motorcycles, we aimed for good quality yet minimal design. Our t-shirts represent Cafe Racer Dreams keeping that unpretentious look that represents Humble.

These exclusive 200 t-shirts are just a start. The plain black ¨CAFE RACER DREAMS¨ shirt is solely us, the brand. We want whomever wears it to be a part of our family. Those who understand the work behind every built and love the concept and blueprint we have left and continue to leave in the cafe racer scene. The white #CRD93 is a testimony to our most emblematic motorcycle. Just like CRD93, only one will ever be made.


Cafe Racer Dreams-Camisetas-Humble- CRD Humble - Humble CRD


At Cafe Racer Dreams, we do not just engineer motorcycles, but we tech emotions. We hope these t-shirts are worn by those whom understand and share our ideas and ambitions. Thank you so much for believing in us. This is just the start.