If you’re thinking of turning your old bike – or any other – not just into a cafe racer, but into a Cafe Racer Dreams, you’re in the right place.

We have redesigned, restored and customized 118 motorcycles. Many of our fans don’t know how to get one of our bikes and even wonder if we sell any of these beauties. To resolve these and other doubts you may have, we have created this post in which we explain all the details of the process.


cafe racer dreams headquarters


Location: Our headquarters are in Madrid. In this city we have a Showroom, which is only accessed by invitation, there you can watch one our finished cafe racers, as well as chat with the CRD team. Madrid is also home to the workshop, where we maintain the vision and essence of our craftsmanship.

Contact: You can contact CRD by email, WhatsApp or phone. Our email address is [email protected] and phone (+34) 630420554. We are available every day of the week for any questions related to building a CRD in our workshop.


crd 110 - crd belgica - crd belgium - cafe racer dreams -07


Donor Bike: The first step is to choose the moto-base on which you want to base your project. This bike can be yours or we can provide it.

If you provide the donor bike, it will reduce the final cost of your CRD. The base can be of any brand, although we are currently focused on working with BMW Rmodels. We always recommend the model R100 or R-100RS because it has been at the top of the BMW line for over 20 years (1976 to 1996). It is a bike that was built for long journeys, therefore, it is more reliable.

If we provide the donor bike and you choose to leave it in our hands, the process is different. We have good contacts in the world of motorcycles, so finding the best option is never a problem. What matters most to us is that the engine is in excellent condition. Our mechanic travels with the team to check the bike.

CRD Number: We will assign you a number when the order is placed, for example CRD101, which means that your bike is the number 101 that we build. This number will be your bike’s way of identification at all times.



Link: You will have a personal WhatsApp contact for any query, as well as an exclusive link to follow the process of building the bike. In this link, we will publish weekly photos and videos so that you can see how the project is coming to life.



Design: We will contact you once the motorbike base is in our garage. You will have a reference person throughout the process. You can choose the design of an existing CRD, although we encourage you to get a unique and unmatched model for your bike. When we understand your vision, our creative director will show you a sketch of your project. You can change the design and specifications at any time before work begins in the workshop.


cafe racer-cafe racer dreams-crd109-BMW-R90


Workshop: The transformation process begins the moment the bike arrives in our workshop, in which we completely disassemble the base bike, weld a new subframe and check all engine parts and gearbox. The new subframe is accompanied by a new seat custom made in the color and shape you want. We will also change the entire electrical system, installing a Motogadget M unit that helps us remove all unnecessary cables.



Keep in mind that we will write a detailed list with all the parts and modifications thatwe make to the original bike.

Shipment: The shipment of the motorcycle is free within the Iberian Peninsula and in the South of France. For other destinations, you will have to pay the shipping costs. We have sent CRDs to places like Los Angeles, Vladivostok or Hong Kong.


cafe racer hong kong-cafe racer dreams-crd106


Time: The production time of one of our exclusive models lasts between 6 and 8 weeks from the time of purchase of the base bike.

Payment: Payment is made by transfer, with all legal contracts and documents approved and signed by both parties. Payment is made in two parts: 50% before the start of work and the remaining 50% once the bike is complete.



Warranty: We offer a one year warranty. You will also have direct contact with our workshop for any repair or modification that you would like to make in the future.