This past year has been a whirlwind of different feelings, success stories, and also a few failures. As you all know, a group of people broke into our former garage in Madrid and stole 9 motorcycles and 1 car. This resulted in a 6-8 month complete stop of Cafe Racer Dreams. We were not building any bikes, however, we were planning and rethinking for the future. And the future is happening right now.

After months of planning and executing, we decided to re-open and re-locate. Our current workshop is not open for the public. We thought that as a brand, we needed to separate our work space from our showroom. Hence, we build the #CRDHQ, a space exclusively by invitation only, where our family, friends and current and potential clients can enjoy the Cafe Racer Dreams way.


cafe racer dreams headquarters


We found ideas and inspiration from our recent trip to LA. The Cafe Racer Dreams Headquarters is thought specifically to show the lifestyle behind the brand, the process behind the machines and finally the end result. . It is completed with all necessary tools and equipment to build our pieces of art. It is designed to resemble an art gallery as we want to portray the importance that CRD places on not just the mechanics of the bikes, but also the aesthetics and the art of riding. This is why it is decorated with a custom pool table by renown artist Abdul Vas, and various CRD framed designs from our beginnings. Surrounding the HQ itself live numerous street art walls by Spanish urban artists.

There is also a lounge area which sits by a bar for our invites to have a chat and talk bikes and life. The bar is decorated with vintages  sofas, a custom wooden table inspired by a motorbike platform, and a couple plants which add to the space.


cafe racer dreams headquarters


The Headquarters  itself has become the ¨new front door¨ for Cafe racer Dreams. We aim for it to become a space where riders and lovers of the cafe racer community build a club surrounding the lifestyle that we have worked so hard to build. The space alone is quite spectacular. Most people that come in are in awe at the dimensions of it, but definitely the most eye-catching corners are those where our motorbikes are placed.

At the HQ now stand CRD58 currently on sale, CRD109 our most recent creation, CRD76 the iconic cafe racer look, #Hadoken, our creation alongside BMW Spain, and a few donor bikes ready to be transformed into magic.


Cafe racer dreams-crd85


As a team, we are really happy with our new vision and path. This milestone reflects a change on the brand. We are now at a stage where building a lot of distinct bikes is not our aim or idea. We want exclusivity, quality and performance. Merging 9 years of experience in cafe racer mechanics, with Art and custom work is what CRD now stands. We want whomever rides a CRD live and breathe our brand. Confidence, power, and fun stand at the core of the lifestyle we aim to inspire and promote. See you on the road!