Our CEO Jaime Colsa is known for mixing his passions of logistics, cars, cafe racers and art. He is a Spanish-based entrepeneur that thinks innovation. Jaime has a different way of presenting and seeing art; through building cafe racers, sponsoring artists to paint trucks that travel across the country, hosting pop-ups or through enabling artists to paint on his personal 911 Porsche and CRD93 custom motorcycle.


crdcar7 - cafe racer dreams - jaime colsa - felipe pantone - madrid - 01


Although he doesnt consider himself to be an artist (most would say otherwise), Jaime is very much involved in the creative process of each project. His latest piece in collaboration with Felipe Pantone is a Porsche 911 hood executed to perfection. This hood is part of a bigger project lead by Jaime which involves numerous custom hoods hand-painted by renown artists such as Okuda and Marina Vargas.

Felipe Pantone is an Argentinian artist who is spreading his ¨Ultradynamism¨ work globally. He uses his trademark shiny white and neon paints, geometrical patterns and Pop Art elements on murals, canvas and installations. The artist has implemented these into #crdcar7. Pantones combination recalls 80s pop music and color bars on a broken TV screen. It is this spearheading factors which have made Pantones work inevitably evident.


crdcar7 - cafe racer dreams - jaime colsa - felipe pantone - madrid


Felipe and Jaime have established a long-term friendship that has grown from their love of Art and leading-edge projects. Jaime put all trust in Pantone to create a piece which gathers most aspects of the artists work including transformation and perception. The work incorporates elements of his well-known ultradynamism. The incredible result left #crdcar7 looking rad and can be considered an art gallery in movement. This is the third hood painted for #crdcar7 – which artist would you like to see painting a hood next?