The garage had a great surprise when Spanish bike rider, motorcycle tester and sports journalist Bea González Eguiraun came to our workshop. She currently hosts the Spanish tv show Centímetros Cúbicos aired on Antena3 where she can be seen testing a range of motorcycles from Mx, Enduro and Racing. Bea’s passion for two wheels and the world of motor has her traveling the world as she chases for bigger, faster and rarer bikes.

Through her social media, Bea redefines the idea of feminism, breaking stereotypes with her content. You can see her doing wheelies on a dirt bike or riding freely around the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Her fierce yet sweet attitude combined with her determination to achieve greater things has opened a new era of girl power on Instagram.

We invited Bea Eguiraun to test #CRD93 and #CRD102. Bea rode freely to the nearby towns as we snapped photos from an adjacent bike. Her face said it all, she couldn’t stop smiling. ¨This is the best cafe racer I’ve ever tested¨, she assured as she looked down at our lined up beauties. It was good to hear such solid compliment from a person whom dedicates her life to testing bikes.

We hope girls like Bea continue to push the women’s motorcycle scene further. Cafe Racer Dreams wants to decrease the lack of gender diversity within the motor world, and will continue to shine light on talented and passionate riders like her.