Worldwide prominence and newsworthy chef Cyril Lignac is a classic bike lover himself. Like with his food, he expects only the best, that’s what brought him to our workshop.

Cyril represents a true CRD customer; a gentleman, successful, fashionable, charismatic, a rider and above all, the epitome of French ¨la classe¨.

The TV-chef comissioned CRD84 and although he wasn’t sure of the design at first, he knew he wanted something elegant without altering the soul of the donor bike itself; the old BMW R100 engine had to still be evident when you looked at the bike. By contacting our workshop, Cyril knew he was off to a winning start.


cyril lignac - cafe racer dreams - crd84 - 03


Cafe Racer Dreams builds your dreams, this applies to every build.Understanding Cyril Lignac as a person and his passion was very important for us in order to design a motorcycle that he’d feel completely himself when riding. Essentially, confident. Not every customer is the same, that’s also part of our job. Perceiving someones personality so that we can build a unique bike that suits that one person.

Our in-house designer made a few sketches of how we imagined the bike of his dreams to be. The blue we chose, PMS 281 complimented with a custom CRD grey two-seater. Cyril immediately accepted our proposal and sent the donor bike from Paris to Madrid where we began working on it.



Our job was to dismantle and rebuild the engine, restoring the original bing carbs and air box to assure the bikes every day ride. We replaced the engine seals and rocker covers. The electrical was installed with the best Moto gadget M-Unit item sustained by the dropped Renthals. All the painting is powder coated. We installed a new battery and battery support. Firestone Deluxe tyres were purposely chosen as the bike would be ridden in the sometimes rainy Parisian streets

The finished machine is exactly what we excepted. Seeing the owner riding it through the historic Parisian streets makes us all that more proud of our efforts.

We are ready to build more French CRDs.