After a few months of pause do to the very unfortunate robbery we experienced back in February, Cafe Racer Dreams is officially back on track.To put so much love, hard work, and most of all passion into every single built and then having them taken away from us like that was a complete shock. This really unfortunate event had the whole team in distraught. The robbery slowed down the momentum we had gained over the years, and had us re-evaluating our process for the months to come.



That said, the whole team got hands on work. We are proud to say that we are currently on the last stages (touches!) of finalizing a Porsche 911 Type 964, also known as #Crdcar8.

Few cars hinder the kind of feelings a classic 911 Porsche does. All Porsche aficionados will understand, including our CEO Jaime Colsa, whom currently owns #Crdcar7. It’s hard to pin point what exactly makes the 911 obsession so irresistible to many, but it probably has a lot to do with that rear engined  air-cooled flat-six power plant which is more than a good reason for any petrol head to drool about!

The 964 wasn’t exactly in bad condition when our client (and now friend) Rob brought it to the Cafe Racer Dreams garage. But, being nearly 28 years old and the fact that Rob’s mind was settled on a fully integrated ‘crd style custom’, we opted for a complete restoration.



Our focus for this built was to keep the 80s and 90s look proposed by Ferdinand Porsche, adding modern aspects whilst conserving its timeless design. We liked the cars original silver metallic look but replaced it for a darker paint cover which is rare and more state-of-the-art. Additionally, we replaced the standard 911 series for an original Volkswagen Cabrio bumper, giving it that sleek look. The old and damaged interiors were removed & replenished with black synthetic leather (leatherette) custom-made in our garage. Its ride came in for a considerable upgrade achieved by adding Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 and double suspension. Perhaps the most iconic feature is the centre-filled tank, echoing that of racing cars. We can now say its ready to travel over 1700kms to the UK in the next month.

All in all, the best CRD car to-date. Our mind is now set on #crdcar9!