It is customers like Alexander who make special projects such as CRD58 a Cafe Racer BMW, projects that make us have instant crushes as soon as we get their proposal. They fall in love with an idea and make us fall in love with it too. In the end everything is about that, having passion to what we do. Customers with whom we share the same line of thought, the same vision of the future, with whom everything flows and in the end, from clients who are also friends, almost family.

Alexander is already part of this small family, basically because he has three CRD motorcycles to his credit, a fourth is in the factory of dreams and a fifth is already brewing in his mind. Because his mind, like ours, doesn’t  stop.

And is this the story of CRD58, the story of a crush, a crush that first came to the heart of Alexander and that soon managed to infect ours. From the base bike, to the first paper drawing that sits proudly on his desk almost a year after seeing it between laughter and emotions to make something new. Something flashy, something unique…

It is no coincidence that CRD58 has been one of the most shared, commented and acclaimed motorcycles. It will be his for his innovative silhouette, his wink to the classic colors of BMW or because it is a reflection of a dream come true. Alex’s dream that once again we have had the honor of fulfilling. A special motorbike without a doubt.