We bring up this 2003 Kawasaki W650, an awesome base for a dirt track custom project.

Flat track is a motorcycle style which was born in North America because there were many racetracks that were oval and without camber.




crd34 - cafe racer dreams - dirt track - kawasaki w650


If you want to get a dirt track style, yo should change some parts in your bike. First, seat has to be flat because the pilot has to change his gravity center very often in to keep the bike in the circuit, searching the maximum grip playing with weight distribution and throttle. Spokes wheels and off road tyres are essential.

In a flat oval circuit, bikes don’t need a high suspension to race so, in this project, suspension has been lowered as much as possible.


crd34 - cafe racer dreams - dirt track - kawasaki w650


In addition to these specific changes, we have changed the gas tank for one that belonged to a Honda CG125, which we painted in steel and black stripes, the baterry has been hidden below the swingarm and we have also assembled a compact handmade headlight.

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