Have you ever heard of a professional cyclist that’s into boxer engines? Sound like a paradox, but this Cafe Racer Dreams client is, and he’s after the best. This aussie entrepreneur currently owns a Porsche 356 and has commissioned the groundbreaking CRD114 a R100 cafe racer that has a very unique feature

He arrived to our Madrid showroom with luggage in hand, ready to see dreamland for himself.  Luckily for him, he was just in time to check out CRD113, which he fell for. “I want this one but with an adaptable seat”, he stated. That was the start of two weeks of planning and engineering in our factory.


R100 cafe racer - crd114 - bmw r100 - cafe racer dreams


The task was tough, we had to come up with a motorcycle part that worked well and didn’t bend or break when both passengers were riding together. Other factors that were in mind aside from safety (which comes first), where aesthetics, and simplicity. We knew we wanted our client to be able to mount and dismount the part by himself, so the process had to be simple. After trial and error, we came up with what we call the “CRD Extension”. The idea that you have to choose between a one-seater and a two-seater is now part of history. Get both, in one.


crd114 - bmw r100 - cafe racer dreams


We believe that we are the first cafe racer workshop to engineer a custom adaptable subframe for a second passenger. The look and feel of the bike won’t be altered at all with or without the adaptable subframe. This is definitely a milestone for us and for the cafe racer community. Space for innovation is endless, and we are committed to keep pushing the barriers.