Today we rolled out of our bed at 5:00 am, stumbled onto our riding gear, grabbed a few helmets, and had breakfast on-the-go. 15 minutes later, with our eyes half shut and a big smile on our faces, we were off to shoot our limited edition t-shirt collection: CRD x Humble.


humble crd-humble-Cafe Racer Dreams


With a black Land Rover defender, a truck carrying two of our most iconic bikes #CRD93 and #CRD61, and an incredible day ahead of us; the petrolhead photographer Alan,  Dan the guy you wish you had on your media team (who by the way came all the way from the Canary Islands), Celia who does not believe in limits, Caro in charge of most things at CRD, Ale whos done more kms on a motorbike than on an airplane and Pablo head of Humble, were off to the outskirts of Madrid (La Pedriza) to shoot in long, perfectly crafted, curvy roads surrounded by pine trees.


humble crd-humble-Cafe Racer Dreams


For the first hour of the morning we drove to the location, the sunrise peaked right when we were arriving and it was the most incredible feeling; the day was certainly off to a great start.

Just outside of La Pedriza, the highway crests a ridge as you enter the mountain side and you are given a magnificent view of the vast expanse of tree tops one after the other. Their immense scale all against the most beautiful backdrop of staggerring mountains. From here, the road stretches out in a line which leads all the way up to the National Park. Our eyes couldnt believe or explain this moment. Just an hour ago we were in Madrid, surrounded by high buildings and skyscrapers.

Most of us didnt know eachother, but that was not a problem at all. We had taken a while to put this team together for the shoot as we thought there was only one thing that really mattered, and that was our passion to create and our love for Cafe Racer Dreams. It is difficult to explain the amazing vibes that were felt around us, but we wish the results of the content can make you get a gist of it. We felt free, once we were on our bikes, the ride took us to pristine beauty, each curve gave us perfect-postcard picture views.


humble crd-humble-Cafe Racer Dreams


The shoot itself lasted around 6 hours separated into two locations, with a half hour break in which we all sat inside the truck and had poke bowls as we huddled against each other to warm ourselves from the outside wind.

Aside from that, the other 5 hours were plain fun. Nothing felt like ¨work¨, and thats what we all love so much about CRD. Its the magic about the brand which we have worked so passionately to create. A community of like-minded people with a desire to think outside the box. Dreamers and doers. Those who believe they can and don´t need others assurance to do so. It is for our over 419.000 followers for whom we have taken this big step of going from a humble, custom workshop to a lifestyle brand.