Article on Bike Nation Dubai

Despite the growing flood of BMW customs, one workshop can be credited for being the pioneer of the modern-day cafe racers. It is perhaps a paradox that the company which makes custom classics, built its incredibly loyal following and client base solely on Instagram. With over 700,000 combined followers on their social platforms, the account showcases their elite executions to the world on a daily basis. Cafe Racer Dreams has now built over 110 custom cafe racers, with absolutely no indication of slowing down. It is rather the opposite, the brand is now expanding, with distributors in the USA and Switzerland. And now, searching to bring the most influential motorcycle movement in the world to the streets of modern-day UAE.


BMW R100 CRD105

CRD102, a first-class built manufactured for clients in Rusia, Monaco and the UAE, is a master-piece in itself. Cafe Racer Dreams has not aimed to recreate the genre with this built, they have instead played to the potential of the donor machine, implementing new, state-of-the-art materials which resemble the old ones, whilst unmistakably applying their finest execution.

Inspired on Steve McQueen’s “The Great Escape”, this is yet another of CRD’s entirely unique and eye-catching machines. That’s because proprietors have “that” something that can’t be taught: taste.


BMW R100 CRD105

This BMW R100 tank silver-platted in matte contrasts the Continental wheels aimed for a more aggressive look. Another of Cafe Racer Dreams’s characteristics consists of rewiring each bike with a complete counterpart of Motogadget elements. The Motogadget m-Unit has been added; costly but effective. The most distinctive parts are the cow hide seat matching the leather brown handles, keeping that classic gentlemen look. CRD built the R100’s singular exhaust in-house, this way the side of the bike is clear, featuring the bike’s one-sided swinger. This bike is not built to go unnoticed; surely it will be turning faces wherever it goes. As with any other Cafe Racer Dreams bike, it’s not only got to ride good, but its also got to look good.