Amongst the Cafe Racer Dreams family lie riders, actors, artists, entrepreneurs, but above all, dreamers and doers. This time around, a madrid-based man who has been interested in the world of motorcycles since he can remember, commissioned CRD113.

Considered an unlucky number by those who are superstitious, yet auspicious by those who believe it helps manifest your desires, number 13 is undeniably symbolic. As a creative team, we wanted to make sure we lived up to its number, so we began to brainstorm straight away.



Our client brought us his personal BMW R80 in great state to start works. Its definitely cool when clients brings their own bike as they have a personal connection to the donor bike, and the feeling of transformation is way bigger. We were excited about this one!



During the design stages of the project these words came to mind: mysterious, powerful, intimidating, independent, strong-willed, in control and elegant. We knew these words had to be applied to the look and feel of the bike. Going ¨back to black¨ seemed necessary as it ticked all the wanted factors. As for the color-frame, we opted to go for a creme, to reflect our clients personality, strong yet approachable.

The tank would be shiny, ¨let it stick out¨, we thought. From an aesthetic point of view, this colorway would not only look stunning, but it would represent our progress in custom works.



Amongst a few distinctive features are the ceramic logos which are a big transition from the average BMW ones. The shiny tank and fenders. The all blacked out matte ¨skeleton¨ of the bike. The beautiful custom-made black diamond stitching seat. Additionally, we made a custom, one of one, CRD plate that was road-legal and still looked effortlessly cool.

All in all, our dream once again surpasses reality. What do you think of this one?