We believe that passion starts young (even when you are born). A few years back we build a unique cafe racer for kids.

This year we decided to take it to the next level and build a replica of the legendary CRD93, but for kids.



Mecatecno built a CUC 49cc bike as a starter for any kid interested in the world of motorcycles. This 1980 off-road donor bike was a perfect fit for the project. The bike is a safe and reliable option to ride your first ever kilometres. This two-stroke motorcycle was specifically built for kids over the age of five, purposely made with automatic gears, making it relatively easy to ride.

The donor bike we purchased was in great state as the owner had bought and restored it for his son who hadn’t used it at all. It looked and rode brand new.



The instructions were simple, “make it CRD-worthy”. We knew the possibilities weren’t as broad due to the potential of the donor bike but we were still up for the challenge (as always).

Additionally, the bike rode great, we only needed to refresh the engine. This was going to be more about aesthetics than anything else. We decided that the old CRD logo fit the narrow tank better, and went for the iconic CRD93 BMW light blue, blue and red stripes (but the other way around), and white background.



We went for a meaner look as we replaced the old tires for the Maxxis Maxx Cross 2.75×10. These are great for soft and intermediate terrains.

At the workshop, our team powder-coated the skeleton of the bike in black, giving it that modern look, and custom-made a comfortable black leather seat.



A few mechanical changes here and there to ensure Cafe Racer Dreams standards, and the bike was ready to hit the road. Juan, the lucky young rider will dream even bigger as he rides through the unique routes of Santander, their hometown.

Its all about these moments at Cafe Racer Dreams.