Our influence on social media has people all around the world emailing us for information on orders, motorbikes, parts, collaborations and questions regarding how to build a cafe racer. But, this email stood out from the rest. The French luxury skin care company Biotherm contacted us asking for permission to use one of our bikes for their latest Biotherm Homme advert, featured worldwide. The football player-turned-model and actor David Beckham was going to be featured in it and he specifically requested to use one of our motorcycles.Our team responded with a few available bikes that they could use. After they picked the emblematic and elegant CRD91 we got hands on on the project.

Throughout the process we were in contact with Anthony Mandler, who first made his mark directing music artists such as Jay Z and The Weekend and is currently most known for being the photographer on covers for GQ and other fashion magazines, before moving into film. He told us that the bike was going to be a key part of the video, as David would be riding this Cafe Racer Dreams bike through the beautiful countryside and into a waterfall. Mandler explained that him and Beckham were good friends and more than work it would be a fun few days for all. We were excited.



Our former head of workshop Gonzalo, delivered the bike himself. He drove 1.490 kilometres from Madrid to Manchester, UK, with our custom bike attached to our Mercedes Sprinter. Him and the crew staid in the same hotel, and met upon arrival. The whole team of photographers, make up, stylists, and the director were in awe with the bike. There was a good vibe between both sides as Mandler, like Beckham, happened to be a petrolhead himself. He was very interested in our work or as he called them, our ¨works of art¨ and believed that we had great potential over in Los Angeles.

The next day, we met Beckham himself. A kind, humble and cool guy. Exactly what we expected. The father of four looked stylish, wearing sunglasses, a dark biker jacket, black helmet that looked quite rough for the purpose of the ad, jeans and Timberland boots. We got a chance to chat with him and realized just how much he knew about bikes. The shoot began in a lock-up at Deansgate Locks with Beckham riding through the wet (it was raining) streets. David was constantly covered with large reflector screens and a camera attached on the back of a car filmed him whilst he rode freely. It wasn’t long till paparazzis appeared to get a shot of what was going on. Spectators took photos and shouted Beckhams name to get his attention to what Beckham responded with a smile.


CRD 91 - David Beckham moto - cafe racer - BIOTHERM HOMME - AQUAPOWER MOVIE - 1


We left the city to the outskirts of Manchester to shoot with stunning green scenery. There was jokes in between scenes and whilst it was a highly profesional team and production, there was always a sense of every day life behind it. We arrived to an incredible waterfall were the last scenes were going to be shot at. Mandler explained that this scene was going to be a reflection of the brand. Biotherm originated from mineral water from the Pyrenees mountain, and it is said to contain thermal plankton which rejuvenates your skin. The idea was to shoot a scene of Beckham cleaning his face on the waterfall which was going to be a clear reflection of just how natural the products at Biotherm really are. ¨And…cut¨, Mandler exclaimed. It was the end of the two-day shoot. Everyone applauded and begun to pack up. We were done.

It was a privileged to be able to work with such incredible brand like Biotherm and of course to be selected as the brand by David Beckham himself. We are really happy with how things turned out. Check out the video and let us know what you think :