Álvaro Soler, a Spanish-German singer/songwriter who rose prominence across Europe and Latin America back in early 2015, came to pay our garage a visit.

Soler, being an automotive enthusiast, arrived to Cafe Racer Dreams on his Baltic blue Porsche 911 SC. He explained he had bought this car in Germany years ago, had its interior custom in Poland and is now looking to work on whats under the hood.



Gonzalo Mancisidor, CRDs Director, showed Soler different car replacement engine examples and mechanics that we could incorporate in his car. Everything from new piston rings, crank bearings, gaskets, seals, chains, tensioners and more. Amongst many works, the engine is stripped to bare components and put into a high pressure cylindrical wash at high temperature with cleansing chemicals, this removes all carbon deposits and debris from past failures. The team explained our commitment to include nearly anything our client can visualize and we deem attainable.



Even though Álvaro came to check out our new Crdcar8, it was hard not to get distracted by our newest built, crd105, who’s tank had just arrived. Soler was amazed at its attention to detail, and could´t keep his eyes off the builds rare color.

We were happy to have Álvaro at home and were amazed at how much he knew about the world of engine.